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Ecole Superieur Universitaire (ESU) Cotonou admits brilliant high school/senior secondary school leavers with minimum of five (5) relevant credits in the West African School Certificate Examination or other equivalent national examinations

Interested candidates should send their written application to

Admission Process


Information Gathering: The first step in the admissions process is the information gathering stage.


Filing an Application: The second step of the admissions process is to file an application. 


Admissions Decision:  Following your application, the third step within the admissions process is the admissions decision. 


Acceptance: After you’ve been accepted into the college, most colleges will require you to make a deposit. 


Matriculation: Lastly, becoming a matriculated student is the fifth and final stage in the admissions process. This stage happens once you finally step foot on campus for the school year. 

Admission form

Thanks for submitting!

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