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We’re an Admission Consultation Team of, Passionate in Helping Prospects get admitted into their Dream University. we work with the Top 10 universities in benin republic

Admit Afrique was founded in Africa, by a group of former university students in partnership with universities with the goal of simplifying the university application process for prospective students interested in pursuing their education in different parts of the world.

Admit Afrique for Universities

For decades universities in Africa have been losing opportunities to entice the most qualified students around the world to apply to their respective institutions due to application process complexity, Paper work overload

and bureaucracy of which Admit Afrique (AA) rectifies that problem.

Our mission is Very simple, Driven and straightforward, we want to simplify the university application process for all students and universities through consolidation all services in one platform and providing a one-stop solution for all parties involved. Admit Afrique is in partnership with the Top 10 universities in benin republic continue reading……


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