École Supérieure Universitaire (ESU) Cotonou, Benin Republic

École Superieure Universitaire (ESU) Cotonou is a private university approved by the Government of the Republic of Benin to run business related courses.


École Superieure Universitaire Cotonou is a bilingual University. We teach in English and French. Students from English speaking countries have a great advantage of also studying Commercial French. This gives them

added advantage to feel at home anywhere in West Africa, as well as in all French speaking countries around the world.



Our mission is to empower young people with leadership and employment skills by providing high quality education at degree level, and  serve employed adults with dynamic impactful flexible work-based courses to improve career opportunities and lifelong learning.


To be among the top ten (10) private universities in Cotonou known for community service, ethical teaching & learning and quality education by the year 2025.


École Superieure Universitaire (ESU) admits you to study for Associate Degree/Bachelors Degree in Business.

Prospective students are admitted first into the Brevet de Techniciene Superieure (BTS), which is the Associate Degree. The Associate Degree under the French system of education lasts for two years. Graduates of Associate Degree can proceed automatically to Bachelors Degree which lasts for only two years after obtaining Associate Degree.


  • Management - Human Resource

  • Marketing - specializing in the Marketing of Banking and Financial Services

  • Marketing - specializing in the Marketing of Hotel and Catering Services

  • Marketing - specializing in Entrepreneurship Studies

  • Marketing - specializing in the Marketing of Tourism Services

  • Marketing - specializing in Digital Marketing

  • Marketing (General Commercial Marketing)

Community Short Courses


École Superieure Universitaire (ESU) Cotonou shall aim to serve the community. To this end, the university plans to run the following non-degree short courses to help individuals and organisations within the ECOWAS sub-region:


  • French for Beginners (6 Months)

  • Commercial and Applied French (6 Months)

  • English for Beginners (6 Months)

  • Commercial and Applied English (6 Months)

  • Managing a Small Business (3 Weeks )

  • Developing Leadership Skills (One Week)

  • Entrepreneurship Coaching (Duration based on individual need)

  • Applied ICT Skills Course (6 Months)

  • Digital Marketing Course (One Month)


Top 5 Reasons Students Choose ESU

  1. High Quality Education 

  2. Opportunity to Study in English and French

  3. Learn from Top Academic Tutors 

  4. Good Library and IT Facilities 

  5. Gain Digital Marketing and Events Experience

High School Student